About us history

We have been active in the event industry online for 20 years now and want to use this platform to enable our users to find events that are interesting and suitable for them in a simple, fast and structured way.



We have always remained true to our motto and our idea to offer people an information platform, which we have also used ourselves for our leisure planning.

For us it is not in the foreground to establish a commercial advertising platform, but to give the inhabitants, tourists, DJ's and organizers a comprehensive overview of all event and nightlife possibilities.

This is reflected in this portal.


Why the name Perto?

After long research what we want to express with our new portal, which domain was still available, the name is short and concise and what is internationally phonetically simple and little to no misspelling, the choice fell on perto. 
Perto is portuguese and means "near" and that was exactly what we want to offer you. Events near you no matter where you are.
Link Pons zu perto


How did the idea come about?

Again and again we and our friends, business partners or acquaintances were guests in other cities and countries and one thing struck us: there are local portals that list events there - but these were partly only available in the local language and/or not very comprehensive - or global platforms like,, etc., which did not offer the range of functions we imagined.

About - in our hometown Dresden used - Google searches for event calendars, event planners, party guides, party, going out, concerts and events offered little even in local language.

So it was clear to us: we have to and want to offer our fellow sufferers an alternative.